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Common writing mistakes

Tips for Bringing Real Experiences Into Your Writing

On Beta Reading

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How to fit in exercise and writing (when you don’t have time for either)

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7 Reasons To Do An Author Interview

Challenges (and Solutions) for a Writer in College


Book Marketing 101


Ways to Engage with the Writing Community

How to Run an Effective Kindle Promotion (For Free)

A Teen Writer’s Book Marketing Strategy


What an agent won’t tell you about publication

Publishing Contracts

Why You Should Submit to a Literary Magazine

Mental health:

What Writers Should Know About Mental Health

Mental Health in YA Literature

Guest posts:

Tips for Bringing Real Experiences Into Your Writing

Guest Post: Tree District Books

Guest Post: Alex Stargazer’s Review of Vivaldi in the Dark

The Role of Genre: Guest Post By Alex Stargazer

Melissa Clark: My Publishing Mistakes

Guest post: This Is Why You Should Write Character Driven Stories