Starvation- Reviews and Raffle

My novel, Starvations, releases November 17th, 2020! If you’d like a free advanced copy in exchange for a review, you can get one on Netgalley.

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

I’m also excited to announce that I have teamed up with ANAD (the national association for anorexia nervosa and related disorders) to fundraise for eating disorder awareness, support groups, referrals to resources, hotlines, and more. Check out the raffle here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I already have had a number of great reviews, mostly 5 stars (!) Those to-date are below. More will be added to Goodreads until the novel is available on Amazon.

5/5 stars. “I started and finished this book in two days! It’s compelling, thoughtfully and well-written, and accurately portrays an individual’s life with an eating disorder. As someone who has been in and out of treatment for anorexia numerous times, I’m often hesitant to read such things (and certainly wouldn’t consider it for “pleasure”!). Fennig’s writing is done in a way that doesn’t at all “mock” the struggles that individuals facing mental illness experience, and I genuinely appreciated the story.
It definitely contains content that could likely be triggering for those struggling with mental health, so keep that in mind before you decide to read it or recommend it to another individual. Aside from that, however, I would absolutely encourage everyone to read this book.”

5/5 stars. “Starvation was an incredible read. This book offers a thoughtful and unique portrayal of EDs and ED recovery, without being fetishizing or romanticizing illness. The author’s background in psychology and research definitely comes through in the content of the book and her perspective makes this book an even more engaging read. I highly recommend this book for its engaging narrative and skillful handling of a topic that is so often exploited for the sake of shock value. It is rare to see a topic like EDs written about in such a conscious way that gives the reader insight into the people around them who might be struggling.”

“5/5 stars.
Mental health books are rare, but not as rare as one that conveys the experience well. Even more, I’ve only heard of one or two others that explore male eating disorders (ie The Art of Starving, which is part fantasy). I love how much tension is in this book. The alternating past/present chapters keep the story captivating and show the parallels between the stages of illness in a way other books cannot. The humor beautifully offsets the harsh reality of Wes’ life. The characters are well-rounded and easy to root for despite their flaws. I especially loved Colin and his comedic relief. The writing was beautiful– concise and descriptive while still transporting the reader into the scene. Without going into detail, I loved the ending. It stayed away from many cliches– finding a great balance between positivity and realism.”

“5/5 stars. In “Starvation”, Molly Fennig does an amazing job at protraying anorexia/mental health honestly. There is no preaching in this story, only a message that everyone is responsible for their own actions and everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin. I really enjoyed how this story unfolded by switching back and forth between timelines. Although I don’t usually like this style of storytelling, it worked perfectly for this story and really added to it. Thank you to Netgalley; the publisher; and to Molly Fennig herself for giving me the chance to read this one. I believe telling stories about mental health is one of the few ways to normalize treatment – and Fennig does a great job of that in this book!”

5/5 stars. “It is rare I find a book that I find as hard to put down as Starvation was. Fennig’s unique style of writing made me want to keep going at the end of every chapter. Although a very serious topic, Fennig’s use of comedic relief makes the book lighter, keeping me engaged the entire time. I would highly recommend this book if you are interested how eating disorders can affect people’s thoughts and decision making. This book truly opened my eyes to how eating disorders are more than what meets the eye.”

4/5 stars. “… It’s important to have more stories about boys having eating disorders, to know that boys use lesser eating too, to get in control, to deal with major events like Wes had to when Jason died or whatever reason they have to starve themselves. I liked the title of the book which has a double meaning, you need to find out yourself. Sometimes I had tears in my eyes… Overall it’s an important story, we need more stories like this.”

4/5 stars. “After I finished the book I was left with a jumble of emotions, I can’t help but feel for the lead character… The contrast between the two timelines, especially at the beginning of the story, offered a unique perspective into the mind of Wes. You see how he got to that place, and how hard is to come back out. I love to read books that deal with mental health issues, because nothing can give you more empathy, or understanding, than being in the head of someone who lives it.”

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